SINGING TIPS - Breathing, Technique

Singing Tips 1 - Take singing lessons but be sure to seek out a qualified teacher. Check their references. Look at their training and/or schooling as well as their work history.

Singing Tips 2 - Practice singing in front of a mirror. This will help you notice posture, airflow, facial expressions, and overall how you appear to an audience.

Singing Tips 3 - Open your mouth! Well, if you can learn to sing with your mouth "very" wide open, you will hit clearer notes and sing more strongly and cleanly overall.

Singing Tips 4 - Keep your vocal chords moisturized. Drink lots of water or liquids at room temperature.

Singing Tips 5 - Try not to hold your breath when you're singing. You want the air to flow freely through your diaphragm and back out.

Singing Tips 6 - Remember, your vocal chords are an instrument and it must be cared for like an instrument. Be sure to get proper rest and do not shout or scream for long periods of time before a vocal performance.

Singing Tips 7 - Sing with a karaoke machine. This is a great tool to allow you to "have the floor". It provides the words and the back-up musicians. Just be sure to balance it out later on with real musicians. There is quite a big difference when performing professionally and you need to get used to the live performance arena.

Singing Tips 8 - Don't just mouth the words with melody. SING!...from the bottom of your heart and soul. Put heart, feeling, and emotion into every line and sing with conviction. This will translate into an outstanding performance for the listener.

Singing Tips 9 - Don't drink, do drugs, or smoke. These are the worst things ever for your voice.

Singing Tips 10 - Stay away from air-conditioning before a vocal performance.