General 10 tips to good Singing:

1. Know thy lyrics. This means all verses. Singers at times only know the first verse of a song and then fudge their way through the rest of the song this is mostly seen in group performances especially in choirs.

2. Know thy melody and song form including the key signature. Singers don't know when to come back in after a solo. It takes a smart rhythm section to catch the mistake and cover your ass. And unless you're Al Jarreau or Bobby McFerrin, please stick to the melody---you'll just look silly to the band as you attempt to scat your way around the melody. Also, having a book of all your tunes in your keys makes you look more professional.

3. Know thy phrasing. Singers who have never played a wind instrument have no concept of breath in phrasing, and unless properly trained, just sound out of breath those who are not well versed in wind instruments can try various breathing techniques that prove useful to singers to maintain their breath.

4. Never call a tune you don't truly know. Especially if you have no clue about #1, #2 or #3.

5. Learn how to sing harmony parts. This applies to groups or choirs with more than one singer. At times, many bands have nothing but lead singers who are useless at singing harmonies. The bands usually pick up the slack and sings harmonies [horn sections tend to have great harmony singers].

6. There is a reason why it is best for your voice to be dry in the monitor mix---singing harmonies. It's more difficult to concentrate on harmony when there’s an effect processing coloring the sound. Save the effects for the karaoke bar.

7. Your microphone is also your instrument, buy a good one. Too many singers depend on a band leader or a venue to provide one, and then complain about their tone or sound. Boy you should be prepared with your
own microphone to avoid such a mishap.

8. Respect your instrumental soloists. This means no uninvited scatting over a soloist.This is disrespectful, and cats don't dig it when a diva is horning in on their spotlight.

9. If you're rhythmically-challenged, take a dance class or movement class; or don't---the rest of your band will be especially entertained.

10. Stay healthy. This means take care of your vocal cords. Vocalists who smoke don't realize the kind of damage they do to their vocal cords, plus, you run a higher risk of developing nodes. Alcohol may loosen your inhibitions, but it isn’t good for your voice. Your favorite rock singer who swigs Jack Daniels will have a shorter shelf life than most singers, since he's essentially cooking his liver, too. Our voice needs rest so never stretch your vocal chords beyond and below your range and damage your chords, taking rest by not talking before a performance may prove useful, at this moment only do simple wam ups if u aren’t prepared with any.


Frora Bosh

July 21, 2009 at 5:50 PM

Hey nice tips- these tips are basics and those who want's to make career in singing should have to follow these tips...It will definitely help them to improve their singing..


September 14, 2010 at 6:34 AM

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