Version : 1.1.4

Size : 7.22 MB
Rating : ****
OS : Windows XP

Directly From MXPLAY

"MXPLAY was founded with an ambitious mission to develop a unique music player - a player focused on providing amazing quality, something that is surprisingly lacking in digital music. However, since music is all about personal taste and expression, it also had to be an "open" player, empowering music fans to explore and experience content from anywhere they choose.
So what is MXPLAY? Quite simply, the best experience seamlessly paired with the best content the web has to offer. MXPLAY offers music fans an unprecedented way to discover, sample, purchase and share music, without compromising the experience. Once you’ve experienced MXPLAY, digital music will never sound the same."

MXPLAY is the only player that renders your music library in a 3D audiospace, providing a rich, immersive "live" audio experience (especially with headphones). It supports all the popular file types (MP3, AAC, OGG, WMA, FLAC, ALAC) and also allows you to mashup your music with videos from the web. It has a growing library of plug-in extensions including: Last.fm, MP3tunes and Nintendo WiiMote. Features: * Take control of your music with the 3D AudioSpace * Organize and import your music from anywhere * Browse the web in MXPLAY and discover new music * Share what you discover with friends

If you are a new user, here are a few features of MXPLAY:

  • Full digital music player, with an integrated web browser for finding new music all over the web
  • A new way to experience music - the AudioSpace - combine videos or photos with your music and change the way the music sounds
  • Social integration so you can share your playlists, AudioSpaces, and the links you find on the web.