How to prepare for a great performance 3

7. Don't Smoke or Do Drugs
Smoking is not only bad in general, it is especially bad for singers. I've never smoked a cigarette and anybody who wants to have a singing career with any longevity should not smoke. Not even one cigarette "every once in awhile." Common sense tells us that smoking is harmful in many ways and has long term effects but for singers, it can greatly damage your voice and your career. I even try to stay away from places where other people are smoking, as second hand smoke is just as bad, if not worse. Many incredible singers have lost their God given talents by smoking cigarettes or using drugs. Rumors have abounded that Whitney Houston, one of the greatest known singers of all time, was into drugs and in recent performances has failed to make an impression with her vocal grandeur. Some legends have even had their addictions lead to their ultimate deaths.

8. Always Wear Earplugs
If you are going to be at a concert where there is going to be loud music, wear earplugs. If you are going to be at a ball game where there will be a lot of shouting and loud noises, wear earplugs. If you are going to be at a dance club where loud music will be playing, wear earplugs. If you go anywhere where there is a chance you'll leave with ringing in your ears, wear earplugs! How does this relate to singing? It relates to singing because if you can't hear yourself, you cannot sing in tune! Keeping your voice and body healthy is important, and so is making sure you don't damage your hearing. There are special, affordable earplugs you can buy that minimize the sounds surrounding you but protect your eardrums at the same time. This way, you'll still be able to hear the music but you won't be walking out with a ringing sound.If you really want to be taken seriously as a singer and want to protect your instrument, follow these steps. Nobody in the entire world has the same beautiful voice as you, so protect it and take care of it! Now go grab a bottle of a water, hit the gym and then take a little nap.