How to prepare for a great performance 2

3. Watch What You Eat
Many vocalists don't think about how what they're eating can affect their singing. I do know which Food items to stay away from. Don't eat dairy, chocolate, pasta or things that will dry your throat out or create mucus. Also stay away from citrus, as it can do damage to your chords too. I tend to think that apples are good, as they provide nourishment and in addition are juicy, which creates wetness, which is good for the voice. Also, oily things that allow for the vocal chords to easily "slide," though I think the best bet is soup. Soup is good because it is known to help when people are sick, which means it has the power to heal. It also doesn't create a "residue" that will dry out your throat. In combination with a healing tea, soup is probably the best thing to eat before you perform. Make sure you eat before you warm up, giving your food time to settle in your stomach. You don't ever want to sing on a full stomach (or an empty one), as that can alter your ability to sing and breathe effectively.

4. Drink Plenty of Water
I can't stress enough how important it is to be hydrated. We're supposed to drink eight glasses of water a day, whether we're vocalists or not. A voice teacher once said that as a vocalist, you should drink so much water that you need to use the restroom every fifteen minutes! I think that is a bit far fetched but making sure you drink a lot of water is not. It's especially important to fill up the days prior to performing because like most things, our bodies need time to adjust and prepare. And while most people (myself included) carry around a bottle of water to keep on hand the day they perform, it's actually not the best choice during a performance. For some reason, water has a tendency to dry people out when they drink it during a set. I have not yet figured out a better alternative, though I am thinking that tea of some sort is probably the answer. The important thing is to hydrate yourself with H2O in the days leading up to the show and even the day of, just not while you are performing. I drink two to three bottles of water daily, even if I won't be performing.

5. Get Plenty of Sleep
I don't know how the major league performers do it. Sleeping on a tour bus is hardly good for your body, mentality or your voice. For those who have the ability to sleep a full eight hours in the comfort of your own bed, take advantage! When you are tired, your voice is tired and when your voice is tired, you cannot perform your best. Also, singing when your voice is not rested can harm your vocal chords and sometimes creates vocal nodes. Sleep and water are probably the top two most important ways to keep your voice and yourself healthy. 6. Stay in ShapeThis is particularly important for singers who also dance while on stage. It's hard enough to breath properly and keep your voice under control while sitting still but when you're up on stage moving around, you can easily lose your breath. This is perhaps why many major artists have personal trainers. Staying in shape keeps you fit physically, mentally and emotionally and helps you learn to control your breath while you're moving. This is why I sing in my car or even sometimes when I am on the treadmill. It helps you gain control of your body and your voice, the two of which must work together. Not to mention, your voice isn't the only thing you use when you sing. If you play an instrument, your hands, fingers and arms need to be in shape. If you stand when you sing, you need to be in shape so you don't feel the need to sit down. Everything on our bodies works together when we perform, so it is important to keep our whole body healthy, not just our voice.