Autisic student handcuffed for singing

-SAN FRANCISCO, California (NBC)

The parents of an autistic San Jose, California sixth-grader are expressing outrage that their son was put in handcuffs because he would not leave a class.

Eleven year old Gunnar Moody said that it all started when he was singing a song while doing sit-ups in physical education class.

"She was like, 'Gunnar, you have to leave now.' I didn't do anything wrong. Why do I have to leave? Everyone else is being loud; why do I have to get in trouble?' Then she said it three more times and then she handcuffed me. And it was kind of humiliating because it was in front of all those kids and she was, like, picking me up and dragging me out," Gunnar said.

Gunnar's parents said, what happened at Bret Harte Middle School is unacceptable.

"The bottom line he's in phys ed. And all the kids are making noise yelling, screaming and talking and he gets singled out for going 'la-la-la?'" Michael Moody, Gunnar's father, said.

His mother, Laura Moody, asked a campus police officer if Gunnar had threatened anyone.

"I specifically asked the officer, 'did he threaten you?' She said no. I said, 'did he threaten any other child?' And she said no. I think there should be a better line drawn on what kind of force to use. And especially with children with disabilities," Laura Moody said.

A copy of Gunnar's behavior support plan outlines what to do if he misbehaves in school and does not include the use of physical force.

The San Jose Unified School District issued the following statement:

The officer's actions helped to maintain a safe atmosphere for the other 30 students in the class.

The use of restraints is extremely rare and would only be used when deemed absolutely necessary by the officer for the protection of the student and his other classmates.

Gunnar's parents plan to meet with school district leaders to talk about what happened.

Gunnar is suspended for three days.

Asked if he wants to go back to Bret Harte Middle School, Gunnar said, "No. Because the kids will like pick on me and stuff. Because of that happened."